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WEB configuration touch panel  Series products

        Sunfull  WEB configuration touch panel . It is a new product independent research and development from Shanghai Sunfull  , can collect real-time monitor  data and directly into the configuration pages. Touch Panel has characteristic of conventional general configuration is easy to operate, and it can run on an embedded system features Compared with other configuration software.The biggest bright spot is based entirely on WEB development, the configurations of the user to create projects, can be downloaded to touch panel, phone、PAD or PC can access via browser, and open data interface by a third party system integration.

WEB configuration Gateway Series products

        Sunfull WEB configuration Gateway. Mathching Configuration tool  is X2View。WEB Configuration Gateway can realize the data collection, data real-time monitoring and directly into the configuration screen user configuration software without having to buy, only need to use PC or any mobile device with browser can access configuration  pages, remote monitoring equipment start-stop operations such as operation, bring good operational experience to the user At the same time can be forwarded to BACnet IP/MSTP server or Modbus TCP/RTU server, and open data interface by a third party system integration, and open data interface by a third party system integration.

BACnet Gateway Series products

        BACnet Gateway can convert all kinds of protocols into BACnet IP. BACnet Gateway have solved the problem that some large BA Company can’t connect any uncommon devices. So BACnet system can control uncommon devices by BACnet gateway.

Modbus Gateway Series products

        X2Modbus is a hardware Gateway. Matching software is X2Modbus . X means all kinds of protocols from different manufacturer. These protocols(X) can be converted by Modbus hardware Gateway into standard Modbus. Configured project files by Modbus  are uploaded to hardware gateway, users can read/write point informations from different manufacturer by Modbus system. Note that this gateway acquisition end and forward the Modbus register base address is from 1 (Base1).

OPC Series products

        Sunfull‘s OPC server solute the question that Citect, IFIX, RSVIEW, WINCC, KingView, Inspec and other configuration software cannot connect to some unusual control devices.
OPC2BACnet software is mainly used to solve the problem that most building automation software can not access the OPC server. Because access to OPC server through OPC2BACnet, even if the configuration software supports the OPC interface, but the purchase of the interface is expensive, can also not buy OPC interface, only buy to support the Bacnet protocol, thereby saving costs.

ModbusHUB Gateway Series products

        ModbusHub is Shanghai Sunfull developed a Modbus protocol gateway software, equivalent to a communication bridge, turn the Modbus communication protocol of commonly used into multiple Modbus from station, makes different upper main station can access one station equipment at the same time.

IO Model Series products

        This product uses the mainstream ARM kernel 32 bit microprocessor, Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP supports two protocols (choose one), can realize the rapid expansion of I/O module controller.

Other GateWay(X2SMS、SMS2004、IEC2004) Series products

        Other GateWay:SMS2004-ARM、X2SMS-GPRS、Mail2SMS、SNMP1002-ARM、SNMP2004-ARM、IEC2004-ARM、SQL2BACnet;

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