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OPC Soft gateway trial version


        Function 1: OPC2Modbus software can be used to solve the remote access to OPC server encountered DCOM configuration problems (remote OPC shortcomings: Communication instability, DCOM configuration trouble, is not conducive to maintenance). After the OPC2Modbus software is installed on the computer running on the OPC server, the OPC server is read and converted to the Modbus server by this software, so that other computers can monitor and control (read and write OPC server) only by accessing the Modbus server.
        Function 2: Linux platform equipment (such as some industrial touch panel) or device without operating system (such as PLC) can access PC server on OPC through Modbus protocol, so as to realize system integration.


        OPC2BACnet software is mainly used to solve the problem that most building automation software can not access the OPC server. Because access to OPC server through OPC2BACnet, even if the configuration software supports the OPC interface, but the purchase of the interface is expensive, can also not buy OPC interface, only buy to support the Bacnet protocol, thereby saving costs.

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